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Electronics and Communication Engineering courses in Sydney

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Electronics and Communication Engineering courses in Sydney

Want to get a permanent residency in Australia? If you wish to work and stay in the country, the best way is to acquire a skill and gain experience in different professional courses.

You can get a diploma in electronics and communication engineering in Sydney. Needs Migration not only helps clients with the migration process but also helps students, especially international students, to choose the best skill to learn here, in Australia.

Electronic courses are available for people who intend to plan a career in the field of engineering technicians on electronics and communication systems. Not only the future workers but the people who are currently working in the specified field can apply for these courses to enhance their qualifications.

The person pursuing these courses will learn the way to develop, select, commission, maintain and diagnose faults and malfunctions in electronic components apparatus and systems. You may require the following qualifications:
Certificate IV in Electronics and Communication: this course will help you understand the use of industrial electronics and control equipment.

Advance Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering: This course provides knowledge and skill to construct and validate electronics and communication equipment and systems, manage risk, estimate, and manage projects and provide technical advice.

Pathway to Australian Permanent Residency

Step: 1

Achieve a qualification in Engineering (Certificate / Diploma / Bachelors)

Step: 2

Get your skill assessment from Engineer Australia

Step: 3

Lodge your EOI at once you acquire sufficient work experience and PR points

Step: 4

Get invited to apply for one of the permanent visa options

These courses will help you develop skills in configuring computer networks and other skills,including programming and fault-finding micro-controller equipped devices.

Moreover, you will learn about electronic engineering redesigning, commissioning electronic systems, risk assessment, and technical documentation. The student will be taught soldering, cabling and termination skills.

Career Opportunities after Completion of These Courses

After completion of the courses, you will hold the certificate/Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering. This opens up opportunities to work as technical officers in the field of electronics and communication engineering.

Selection Criteria for the Courses

After you fulfil all the eligibility requirements, you can easily move towards the selection criteria, once all your documents are verified.

It is also important for you to have a mature entry age, QTAC application, and engineering trade certificate as a national aspirant.

For international students, they must have English proficiency along with other requirements.

Get your permanent residency in Australia after completing your certificate/ diploma course in Electronics and communication:

  • Achieve any qualification in Electrical Engineering in Australia.
  • Get your skill assessed by the Engineering Authority in Australia
  • Lodge an EOI once you acquire the needed work experience in the field
  • Get invited to file for a permanent residency visa and get nominated based on your skill.

Needs Migration can help guide you towards the right path in gaining your permanent visa to work and stay in Australia.

Electronic Engineering Drafts persons and Technicians Tasks Include:

The tasks that electronic engineering drafts persons and technicians do are the following:

  • Assembling electrical and electronic systems and prototypes
  • Building, calibrating, and repairing electrical instruments or testing equipment
  • Visiting sites where systems are made to observe conditions affecting design
  • Identifying solutions to technical design problems that arise in making electrical systems
  • Inspecting designs for quality control, reporting findings, and recommending changes, if necessary
  • Drawing diagrams and writing specifications about design details of experimental electronics units

Get guidance on any career option at Needs Migration in Sydney. Our expert advisors and agents will help you with all the basic processes and will show you your career pathway in Sydney with your preferred qualifications.For further queries, you can contact us on 0434 811 844 or e-mail us.


What can I do after pursuing this diploma?
You can look for jobs in the following areas after the completion of your diploma:
• Mobile companies
• Digital systems
• Robotics
• Telecom communication sector
• Electronics circuit design
• Hardware engineers
• Power electronics
• Wireless communication
How does our education consultation help you?
We provide detailed information about the course as well as the eligibility and entrance criteria. Students receive a one-to-one consultation.


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