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Needs Migration is a professional migration firm that offers exceptional migration services as well as education consultancy services for students. We are certified and recognised by the Australian Government to assist students who wish to study, earn, or stay in Australia.

Needs Migration is a MARA registered firm with PIER qualified migration agents. We offer the best advice for people migrating to Australia.

Whether you want help with immigration services, a migration consultant, or visa consultancy services, our registered immigration agents in Sydney and Parramatta can help you with your migration and visa processes.

Our advice helps our clients visualise their future in the country. We make them aware of every hurdle and advantage of staying in Australia so that they can make an informed decision about their stay, job, or education..

Why Should You Hire an Expert Immigration Agent?

With our expertise, we are determined to provide our clients with the best professional help in drafting, applying, and lodging a visa application. Our expert immigration agents guide you through an extensive and authentic process to acquire a legitimate space in the country.
Australian Government is inclined towards protecting the rights of its citizens, whether original or migrant. Thus, the laws of the country about different types of visas are easy to understand and agree to.
Our agents have helped several people acquire their visas for their professional, educational, or personal purpose. As expert immigration agents, we make sure that the process goes smoothly.

Hiring an expert like us can help you in many ways:

Best Immigration Experts in Parramatta and Sydney

Needs Migration is committed to providing immigration assistance to people coming to Australia. Whether you aim to study, work, or settle in Australia, we help in getting through all the procedures in an easy and legally applicable manner.
After you complete your application, we will look for any mistakes or issues in it and verify all the documents needed before you submit it. This helps in making the necessary changes beforehand to avoid rejections.
In our experience, we have provided brilliant education advice, qualitative results, and opened up opportunities for students who wish to establish their lives in Australia. We offer end-to-end services, from the preliminary assessment stage till you have reached Australia. With our knowledge and experience, you are safe from risks and uncertainties.
We provide a wide range of assistance to our clients with visas like:





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Why Choose Needs Migration?

Book a free consultation to discuss your visa options with our migration agents. Give us a call today on 0434 811 844 or email us if you want the best immigration consultation and advice for your future in Australia.


We provide our Experts to

We provide authentic and affordable service utilising the expertise of our experienced Registered Migration Agents to prepare and lodge the application. Our agents are endowed with sufficient knowledge of migration law & procedure, and they excel in providing immigration assistance. We offer best services from our end and guaranteeing a stress-free environment for you and your family.



As a Founder and Director, I am pleased to Welcome you.

Needs Migration established in the year 2015 in Australia by a team of migration agents and education consultants. From day one, I along with my team and determined to establish Needs Migration as one of the most professional and successful migration and education consulting services provider. We are committed towards delivering the values education and migration services. Our consultants possess in depth industry knowledge. We are able to offer you objective assessment on your eligibility to migrate Australia and lead you through the comprehensive migration process.

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We make the visa process easier and faster. We have been helping people around the world successfully apply for Australian visas. Our professional specialists have a combination of knowledge and experience.


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You can register yourself online for our services. Fill up form details and we get back to you.


Our experts suggest documentation submission as per country’s policy and applicant base.

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We make the admission process easier and faster. We help international students to choose their course of study according to their interest. At the same time, we explain the students their Australian PR prospects associate to their chosen course.



From setting up a consultation to personally meet you, understand your needs, research through the legislation, tedious paperwork,andlodging your visa application, we walk along, every step you take towards fulfilling your Australian dream.

Our immigration consultants also examine various questions that immigration officials may ask and ensure comprehensive documentation for successful visa outcome.

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About Our - Customer Say

Testimonials describe us how we provided services to our clients and helped them achieving their Australian PR dreams.

  • 5 star review  Needs migration went above and beyond to ensure my cousin’s permanent resident visa was approved. We knew we had to be patient and that isn’t easy when waiting for a visa, but we followed their instructions to the letter and being off-shore her visa was approved in only a few months. Subhanshu and Renu responded promptly to our emails and their communication with the immigration department explaining matters was both professional and eloquent. I would recommend Needs Migration without any hesitation and for everyone who is out there trying to do this on their own, I’d say stop and make the appointment for a consultation, you won’t regret it. I can’t thank you you enough Subhanshu & Renu and their Team at Needs Migration! 💐💐💕

    thumb Shaurya Wins3103

    5 star review  Positive: Communication ,  Professionalism ,  Quality ,  Value One of the best agents to support and assist with the whole processing at each and every step. Highly recommended

    thumb Sidharth Sondhi
  • 5 star review  Positive: Communication ,  Professionalism ,  Quality ,  Value I’m really happy with the needs immigration, they really helped me getting visa , they friendly and helpful . I would recommend them they are supportive . Thank you

    thumb Harish reddy Velma

    5 star review  Positive: Communication ,  Professionalism ,  Quality ,  Value Highly professional service. The whole process of lodging the visa was super easy and thoroughly explained. I granted my visa less than 12 months . All the questions were answered promptly. The whole team went above and beyond the expectations.

    thumb Michele Freitas
  • 5 star review  Highly recommended & professional service. The whole process of lodging the visa was super easy and thoroughly explained. All the questions were answered promptly. The whole team went above and beyond the expectations.

    thumb Bikrem Singh

    5 star review  Thank you team for all your hardwork for my application. I got my 820 in 4 months and I still cannot believe it was granted so fast!! Thank you again for helping with my documentation and guiding me.

    thumb Rozi Tyata
  • 5 star review  It was a nice journey with Needs Migrations. Clarified all the options available to me. Thankful for all the help and the guidance provided and hope to get assistance further more in this journey. Best consultant in Sydney….Thumbs up.

    thumb Samin Shahi

    5 star review  Needs migration have amazing people! They are highly professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They were quite helpful during my application for a student visa. I am grateful for their efforts.

    thumb Jaskirat Kaur
  • 5 star review  The team at Needs Migration are highly professional and helpful. They have expert knowledge in the industry and provide valuable advice based on current conditions. In my case, their guidance was instrumental in gathering all relevant documentation at once and getting my student visa application processed in a timely manner. The process for my post graduate visa was carried out smoothly and with great efficiency. They are prompt in their responses, and provide continuous assistance even after the lodgement of visa applications. I think applying through NEEDS MIGRATION was my best decisions. Thanks for all the support.

    thumb Paras Sharma

    5 star review  I am really very excited and happy Thank you soo much for all your help, you made me stress free, also you helped me explain each stage of the parter visa process, you are very professional and at the same time easy to communicate with, The personalised services made us feel special and cared about, we are very happy that we can be together and start a new life. Thank you for being patient with us and our many questions and your prompt replies. We appreciate all you have done and would certainly recommend you to everyone we know.

    thumb Nazeem Ahmed
  • 5 star review  We highly recommend needs migration consultancy. They guide you through out the whole process of visa application with their expert advice. Very professional in regards to communication, always available to answer your concerns and questions. The whole team work hard on your application to achieve success. They really give us hope in critical period and have great experience in regards to visa application.We refer our friends to Needs Migration and we will use their services in future as well. Thank you very much Needs Migration consultancy, Parramatta Jaswinder

    thumb jaswinder kaur bhullar



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